Thursday, July 31, 2008


ready for departure in the late summer


Anonymous said...

"Sci vias," é o nome de um livro que nunca li, mas que guardo na cabeça há tempos. Me lembrou seu trabalho... "Conheça o caminho", numa tradução improvisada. A autora nasceu em 1098, a Hildegard von Bingen. Um trecho:

I didn’t immediately follow this command. Self-doubt made me hesitate. I analyzed others’ opinions of my decision and sifted through my own bad opinions of myself. Finally, one day I discovered I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. Through this illness, God taught me to listen better. Then, when my good friends Richardis and Volmar urged me to write, I did. I started writing this book and received the strength to finish it, somehow, in ten years. These visions weren’t fabricated by my own imagination, nor are they anyone else’s. I saw these when I was in the heavenly places. They are God’s mysteries. These are God’s secrets. I wrote them down because a heavenly voice kept saying to me, 'See and speak! Hear and write!'

Parece que os 61 dias acabaram. Muito bom o vídeo.


coletivo1 said...

dear j.
Thank you so much for your always very helpful and supportive words!
i hope to see you soon